Extended Size Women's Clothing

Sometimes it can be hard to find just what you're looking for especially when it comes to a extended size women's clothing. Going to a local store usually doesn't get you the selection of fashion that many women want. We believe that it's not only important to have the correct fit, but it's also important to have the right style. Whether it's a going out for a cool evening walk or simply an evening date with a special friend, we have some helpful clothing ideas for making those times even better. We know how hard it can be to find stylish apparel in extended sizes, that's why JunoActive by Junonia leads the way with colors and fun prints you'll love. Whether it's our comfortable shorts or a great looking dress, it's all a part of a fresh, new look in a larger size. These styles and fabrics will feel more comfortable than anything else you've tried in the past.

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JunoActive.com is a great resource for any woman who is looking to support an active lifestyle. It's a special feeling to put on your favorite clothes and know that you'll also look stylish. It doesn't matter what kind of activity you're into either, whether it's tennis, biking, hiking or simply relaxing on a cool evening, we'll help you with great designs and a very feminine appearance.

If you love being active then our plus size clothing store should be a good solution for you as this customer wrote:

"I just wanted to say thank you for offering a product line that supports larger women in an active lifestyle. The products I've ordered from you in the past have been excellent in quality and fit and as I'm pondering my next selection, I had to write. I've been plus-sized since age 18 (I'm now 34). I've watched as larger clothing has moved from polyester tents to the myriad of options available now, as designers are finally understanding that just because a woman is overweight, her sense of style and self-esteem are not necessarily impaired. The Junonia selection appeals to me because of the quality of your fabrics and the style options that are designed for a fuller figure, not just the same shape as "normal" clothes with added inches everywhere."

If you're like many women who want to have the best looking apparel, not just something that fits, then our extended size women's clothing will probably be a good solution. At JunoActive, we specialize in clothing for active women in plus sizes. We work to make the lives of active women better by providing a superior line of clothing for women size 14 and up.

Plus Size Swimwear Aquasport Top
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