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JunoActive was created in 1995 to help plus size women be proud to be who they are, be proud to be active, and to look amazing while doing so. We sell products that are tailored to fit the curves of women who are at least a size XL, are fashionable and cross-functional, and are made with high-tech fabrics that withstand the test of time. We are never willing to give up quality over quantity. Our goal is to make smaller women jealous that they can’t wear the products we make for the plus size market. Especially since over the last decades, it has been exactly just the opposite.

Recently we have renamed our company to JunoActive (originally called Junonia) to more clearly reflect our mission. At JunoActive we help women to be proud of who they are. We sell products that help women look good, exercise comfortably, and enjoy the experience. Our three icons represent the three factors that set us apart from the competition and also the reason we hope to keep you coming back.

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Plus size women have long fought the stereotype that we are big because we don't workout. That it is somehow our fault for being larger than a thin fashion model. Oprah ran a marathon. Serena Williams plays a mean game of tennis. Ever seen women playing basketball in the WNBA? And Kara Whitely, a JunoActive customer, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for a third time in 2015. Exercise is not a vehicle for weight loss or something to be tolerated in a quest to be fit. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a personal commitment to health, to a body that you respect and love.

It’s often said that clothes make the woman, but at JunoActive we believe that clothes liberate the woman to be what she wants to be. They liberate her to enjoy an active life, a lifestyle she deserves. Her very own version of ACTIVE. LIFE. STYLE. Every woman deserves to enjoy being fit. All women should be able to reap the benefits of exercise, whether it is a good walk with friends or a long bike ride through the scenic parts of her city. JunoActive was created because women who wanted to exercise could not find clothes that fit well at all. JunoActive has proven over more than 20 years in business that it is a myth that big women don’t exercise and aren't interested in stylish clothing designed for the active woman.

JunoActive understands the needs of large female athletes or 'soccer moms' who like to kick the ball around as well as transport their children to matches. We offer technical fabrics with wicking materials, stretch fibers in the right places not just for elite athletes, but also for the everyday woman. Through the years JunoActive has built a loyal base of satisfied, active, plus sized customers who appreciate a company that listens to their need, makes products that fit their requirements and help them meet their fitness goals as well as their daily goals.

Media Contact:

Anne Kelly, Founder
1355 Mendota Heights Road, #290
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

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