Plus Size Swim Wear

Important Swim Care Tips for Lycra or Spandex Swimwear

Because Lycra® and its generic equivalent, Spandex, eventually break down when exposed to heat and chlorine, we offer these swim care tips to help you extend the life of your suit.

We often get the question: ”How long will my suit last?”The answer is that it depends on several things:chlorine, heat, rinsing out of the chlorine, stretching, spinning, sunlight, and staying wet.

In a cool pool environment, (under 82 degress) with well-regulated chlorine levels, a suit will last 3-4 months of 2-3 times a week use before it will start to “soften.”There will still be another few months of good wear.If you are a daily swimmer, we recommend you use two alternating suits, allowing them to fully dry between uses.

“What is the difference between AquaSport ™ and QuikEnergy ™?”

AquaSport ™ uses a chlorine proof Italian fabric that is popular with competitive swimmers. These suits do not use Lycra or Spandex for stretch, instead they use mechanical stretch and with an all-polyester fabric that stands up beautifully to the abuse of chlorine. Our customers love these long-lasting suits for therapeutic pools, frequent swimming, spas, travel and anywhere your suit needs to stand up to difficult environments.

QuikEnergy ™ suits have a thicker fabric that offers superior fit, compression, and support. The quick-drying, breathable fabric wicks away sweat and protects the skin from the sun with 50 UPF UV Protection. The extra life lycra ensures that these suits will last longer than cheaper suits bought in stores. This long lasting fabric will eventually wear out from prolonged exposure to chlorine, so be sure to read the care instructions that accompany your plus size swimsuit.


Get the Chlorine Out! Rinsing with clear water is key.Consider jumping into the shower after a swim WITH your suit still on.Finish your shower, then rinse your suit again off-body.The “sniff test” should tell you if there is still chlorine in the suit.If your suit still smells like chlorine after rinsing, then the chlorine is still present and causing damage to the lycra in your suit.

Chlorine neutralizers can also help eliminate chlorine.We recommend using one specially formulated for swimwear.However, some people swear by chlorine reducers used in fish tanks, and some people use chlorine eliminating shampoos.

Do not wash in your regular laundry, as detergents and chlorine-type agents will accelerate deterioration of the suit’s fabric. So will the machine’s additional agitation.

You will not usually need to wash your suit in between uses.If you do occasionally hand wash your suit, use special swimsuit soap with chlorine neutralizer. You can also use mild liquid soaps such as shampoo or dish soap. Do not use fabric washes such as Woolite, lingerie wash or detergent as they may cause color loss.

Mechanical spinners will stress the lycra fibers.Instead, simply wrap your suit gently in your towel to remove excess water.

Be comfortable.Swimwear should feel nice on your body, flattering, and not restricting. A garment that is too tight will not last as long.

Dry your suit as quickly as possible after use. Simply line dry out of heat and sun.Never leave a wet swimsuit in a bag in a hot place, like a car.

Selecting the Best Plus Size Swimsuit for You

Congratulations! You are shopping for plus size swimwear from Juno®Active™ – the specialists in quality, long-lasting swimsuits for plus size women. We focus exclusively on plus sizes, creating swimwear with support, style and confidence! Tips for getting the best suit for you: 

Match your swimsuit to your activity.
Swim dresses are perfect for beach and travel, but for aqua classes and lap swimming a tank with a pull on skirt is a great alternative that will give you more versatility. Plus size tankinis, swim dresses, and pull on skirts here.

Bust support – Soft Cup or Shelf Bra?
Soft cups provide a little more support and a nicer profile, but lap swimmers often prefer shelf bras. Also remember that our AquaSport crossback tank suit is fully lined in the front to give you extra support where you need it.

New Options! Long-leg Styles and Separates.
Every body is different so take a look at our mix and match options. We know you will find a plus size swim top and swim bottom to fit your unique curves. Click here for mix and match swim. The latest trend from our Olympian and Triathlete swimmers is leg coverage for a sleek look and extra warmth. Click here for aquatards, swim shorts, capris.

Match your suit to your chlorine environment.
All JunoActive plus size swimwear is chlorine resistant and made with the very best components. Our PoolPruf® AquaSport collection goes a step further with a special all-poly fabric that lasts and lasts. Perfect for spa and warm water pool users. Click here for PoolPruf Aquasport styles.

Our QuikEnergy® Collection uses high-quality, high-content Lycra® for excellent fit and support. While wonderfully chlorine resistant, the Lycra® will eventually breakdown in chlorine and at just about the time you’ll be wanting a new stylish swimsuit! Click here for QuikEnergy styles. 
Remember the coverup! Cover-ups are essential. Try a rashguard, created by surfers for chafe-prevention, or a quick drying fashion cover-up, We have you covered! Click here for plus size swimsuit cover-ups.

Get the right size the first time. We provide a body size chart that you can trust. Click here for easy tips on measuring yourself

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