Plus Size Activewear

Get into the Gym with JunoActive by Junonia

Whether you are looking for a new plus size workout outfit for that yoga class, or something really motivating for your personal training session, Junonia has the plus size activewear you want for the gym. JunoActive starts with two classic fabric groups, soft garment dyed cotton with extra spandex for support and long-lasting stretch. JunoActive’s plus size tees, plus size leggings, plus size capris, plus size bike shorts and plus size bra tops are the most comfortable you’ll find anywhere. JunoActive chooses only the best cotton in a slightly beefier weight. That means these hard-working, long-lasting pieces go from the gym to your casual life, sure to be the hardest-working items in your wardrobe. The colors are gorgeous, from blues to pinks. We always keep the plus size woman in mind, and the plus size bra top is a great example. Most plus size sport tops just don’t work for the larger woman, but ours is fully-lined front and back with the same beefy cotton for surprising support even up to a medium control in women who wear up to a DD cup. And if you need more support or are over a DD, the full coverage front and wide straps mean you can wear it over a regular bra for super support. The sides are longer for a comfortable fit and the armholes are perfectly cut for just-right coverage. Our Juno® StretchNaturals in 92% cotton/8% spandex are perfect for yoga, walking, weight workouts, stretching, and of course for all your casual pursuits. But when you are stepping up to really sweat you’ll reach for QuikWik® JunoActive’s trademarked wicking fabric. These are essential to keep you cool and comfy during that harder boot camp workout. No sweaty tees for you! Let the fast-dry power of wicking pull the moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and energetic. The Quikwik® bottoms are the ultimate in stretch so those squats and stretches are easy. Wear Quikwik® for fast walking, jogging, (or wogging, alternating a walk/jog), biking, hiking, camping, travelling, boot camp, treadmill and more intense yoga. You deserve it!

Plus Size Workout Clothes

What to Look for in Plus Size Workout Clothes

When you’re out shopping for plus size gym clothes, you should take into consideration the following:

1. Look for plus size workout clothes that are machine washable. After working out, you are rarely in the mood to hand-wash you plus size workout clothes or take care of their fabric. Therefore, it is always wise to buy plus size workout clothes that are easy to care for.

2. Secondly, check out the durability of the plus size exercise clothes. Your plus size workout clothes need durability as strenuous as the exercising regiment your putting your body through. JunoActive’s plus size workout clothes are sure to stand the test.

JunoActive offers a nice selection of plus size workout clothes and activewear for plus size women sizes 14 and up. From plus size yoga pants to plus size golf tops, Junonia has something for every plus size woman. Order Online Today!

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