Plus Size Sweat Pants & Yoga Pants

It's been an essential for working out for decades, and is the cornerstone of many women's workout routines, sweat pants. The name sometimes implies that it's a way to stay warm when exercising, but it's much more than that. Many women wear these stylish, yet traditional workout garments, as an everyday, comfortable piece of clothing. It's important especially when cooler weather arrives. Keeping up with the many obligations of life can be tough, but that's why these plus size sweat pants are a great clothing item for fall fashion. These pants are functional for almost any activity whether you're walking, going to the store or simply spending time at home. They're really an all-purpose favorite because of the relaxed comfortable fit. An active life requires clothing that looks good and moves with you comfortably. That's where JunoActive by Junonia can help with plus size sweat pants that look good for anything you do.

The JunoActive web site is a leading resource for any woman who is looking to support an active life. It doesn't matter what kind of activity you're into either, we'll help you with new designs and a very feminine look. Think of all the ways these pants will make it easy to carry everything you need for a short walk or shopping trip. They're just well fitting and flattering, with an elastic waist. .

If you're like many women who have an active life, then our plus size sweat pants can help you with function and style. At Junonia, we specialize in clothing for active women in plus sizes. We work to make the lives of active women better by providing a superior line of clothing for women size 14 and up. We often add new styles of tops, bottoms, swimwear and outerwear to our web site, so it's good to check back with us often for fresh fashions.

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