Stretch Naturals Double Scoop Bra Top

Get comfort and support from this superior sports bra.
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Performance Technology
  • Full cut design that is longer at the sides
  • Bra is slightly higher in front and has a scooped back
  • Good bounce control with full coverage
High-Tech Fabric
  • Two layers of a cotton with spandex fabric
  • No-chafe covered elastic band for easy on/off
Style On The Move
  • Enjoy movement with confidence
  • Double layer of fabric for a smooth appearance
  • Now in Fresh Houndstooth and Grey or Natural Leopard Zebra (1X-6X)
  • 1X fits up to cup size DD
  • 92% Cotton / 8% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold
  • Made in USA
  • As seen on BuzzFeed
Mix and match with a pair of Stretch Naturals Bike Shorts
 Average Rating:  4 Star Rating
 based on 33 Customer Reviews  
   Comfortable!, August 3, 2015  By Ruth  (San Leandro, CA)
I love this bra. I'm between sizes, and originally ordered the smaller one, thinking it would control better. It wasn't comfortable - but when I went up to the larger size, it was wonderful. They launder nicely, too.

It doesn't "lift and separate" but what it does do is control bouncing and keep things modest.
   double scoop bra, July 25, 2015  By Anonymous (LOGANSPORT, IN)
very comfortable and still holds all in place.
   Stretch Naturals Double Scoop Bra Top, July 24, 2015  By Anonymous (Dallas, OR)
Great product!
   Double Scoop Bra Top, July 13, 2015  By Anonymous (Boxford, MA)
I purchased this style bra in the past and loved them; however, the last two bras I just purchased are 2 inches too big on the bottom and slid up every time I raised my arms. What has happened to quality control on this bra?

JunoActive: Thank you for your input, we are committed to producing the best possible products and service;
we're sorry this didn't work out for you. If we can help you in any way,
please contact us at customerservice@junoactive.com.
Your comments have been passed along to the product development team.
   Quality, July 12, 2015  By Anonymous (Auburn, WA)
All clothing items I have puchased from Junonia have been very high quality. I still have a white sports bra I bought years ago that I am replacing with this one only because I have lost weight and my old one is too big, but still wearable. I love this sports bra.
   "Hey Junonia, more of this, please!", June 11, 2015  By Karen (TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, NM)
I ordered the bra top in the animal print (brown and black), and it has exceeded my expectations. FINALLY, Junonia is venturing out into some interesting patterns, while keeping their trademark high product standards intact. Thank you, Junonia, and I'd love to see more of this kind of thing! Taking your classic cuts and fabrics, and executing them with a big fashion finesse. :-)
   Double Scoop Sports Bra, June 10, 2015  By Anonymous (Bakersfield, CA)
Sports bras just don't get any better than this one. The fit, the fabric, the level of support are perfect. I recently had breast surgery and sports bras in plus sizes are just about impossible to find. My friend suggested Junonia and Junonia turned out to be a life saver.
   Best Sports Bra Ever, June 3, 2015  By Carol Durgan (Bamberg, SC)
The colors and the fit is superb. They wash so well and last forever. I haven't worn a regular bra since I retired from 34 years of teaching elementary school.
   Best Sports Bra Ever, June 3, 2015  By Carol Durgan (Bamberg, SC)
The colors are wonderful and the fit is superb. It's just like wearing no bra at all. They wash and wear so well.
   Best Sports Bras, June 3, 2015  By Carol Durgan (Bamberg, SC)
The colors are wonderful. Instead of a dickie, I can find a color that matches every top I wear.
   Best Sports Bras, June 3, 2015  By Carol Durgan (Bamberg, SC)
These are the best sports bras I have ever tried. I love the colors.
   Stretch Naturals Double Scoop Bra Top, May 17, 2015  By Anonymous (Calgary)
Had high hopes for this bra as I have had a good experience with Junonia Sports Bras before. However, I can't recommend this one as it offered almost no support with my 'girls' falling out the bottom all the time. Hence, I was very uncomfortable with the fit and kept adjusting it all the time. The sizing was appropriate so not a side effect of being too small. Please bring back a sports bra that provides comfort and excellent support.

JunoActive: We are sorry this didn't work out for you. Please checkout our V-Neck Bra Top, which has a longer front panel. If we can help you further, please contact us at customerservice@junoactive.com.
   sports bra, May 15, 2015  By Anonymous (Los Angeles, CA)
Wish the front was lowerlike the back. I wear this bra backwards so the 'front' does not show under a top. Otherwise, very comfy.
   comfortable, May 4, 2015  By Anonymous (littleton, CO)
know this is a sports bra but it's so comfortable, it's the only one I wear - I have 8 of them
   Double Scoop Bra Top, May 2, 2015  By Anonymous (FL)
Very good item. Just as advertised.
   disappointed, April 27, 2015  By Denise (Carson City, NV)
I purchased several of the double dry sport bras a few years ago. I took care of them and they lasted a long time. But now need replacing. Went online and this product was the closest I could find to that prior product. Put if on for a run on Saturday. No support whatsoever. Flimsy stretch fabric. Who wants a stretchy, springy sports bra!?! I was wearing another more supportive bra underneath, but I am a G cup and need more support and compression. I am very sad they no longer make the very nice double dry sports bra that gave great support and compression. Will have to search elsewhere. If you are looking for a supportive sports bra, don't by this one.
JunoActive: Thank you for your input, we are committed to producing the best possible products and service; we're sorry this didn't work out for you. If we can help you in any way, please contact us at customerservice@junoactive.com. Your comments have been passed along to the product development team.
   Great Sports Bras, April 24, 2015  By Carol Durgan (Bamberg, SC)
The most comfortable bra I have ever worn!
   Comfortable!, April 23, 2015  By Wendy Clay (Benbrook, TX)
I love these Bra tops! They are comfortable and long-lasting. I would recommend that if you have a larger cup size, you might order a size smaller than you measure for according to the chart, to be sure the elastic fits snuggly enough at your ribs.
   Nice, supportive, sturdy, but no double scoop., March 26, 2015  By Nancy (Sterling Heights, MI)
I have worn the bra two days now. I bought it to wear as a casual bra to be supportive and firm without giving me a narrow band of tightness around my sore back muscles like a regular bra can do. It does that well.

It is comfortable and stays in place. I find that if I bring the "girls" up high, then pull the bra down, it does a good job of keeping them in place without making me flat. I do get that uni-boob look, though. There is no inner "2-scoop support" like the name implies, though.
   Amazing fit!, March 22, 2015  By Anonymous (FRESNO, CA)
I'm so glad I ordered this. Being in the upper-plus sizes you never know when something's actually going to fit well, but this certainly does. I wish there was a teensy bit more cup size but it's very comfortable and does what it's supposed to do. Definitely will be looking at getting more of these!
   Comfortable and Reasonably Supportive, March 5, 2015  By Anonymous (Chicago, IL)
I have a hard time finding comfortable bras in my cup size (I or J), but the size chart said a 2X could accommodate a 50 inch bust so I went for it. All in all I'm quite happy with my purchase. The bra is not quite proportioned for my band/cup size ratio, but really, unless you want majorly structured bras or underwires (which I don't, or at least not all the time) that's just something you have to learn to deal with.

This bra is comfortable, soft, washes well, and offers enough support that I can wear it out to run errands. I wouldn't wear it for any exercise beyond gentle yoga/stretching but as a work-at-home, weekend, sleeping, errand running bra, it does the job well and I will likely buy a few more.

I love all the colors, too.
   Fits Well, March 2, 2015  By Anonymous (CIBOLO, TX)
This fits really well and holds everything in place. Used it a few times and it survived a wash without changing anything.
   LOVE it..., March 1, 2015  By Deb (Calgary)
Love everything about this sports bra! So very comfortable. I think I will order another one!
   LOVE it..., February 28, 2015  By Deb (Canada)
Just bought this sports bra and it's exactly what I have been looking for! So comfortable!!! Going to buy another one or two!
   only softly supportive, February 20, 2015  By Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY)
I've only tried it on, not worn it to work out in, but it seems softly supportive, not overly supportive. It would be nice if in this type of style there could be more support.

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