JunoActive Champions Active Body Positivity With #ThisIsActive

February Highlight: Partner Up!
Well, it’s February, so everyone is going to talk romance. That’s fine, but we’re revved up about workout partners – be it a friend, sister, partner, personal trainer, workout App, dog, music list, class – any one or anything that gets you sweaty and your heart pumping! Check out the video of Sasonia, a JunoActive model, as she talks about who she Partners Up with for her workouts.


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Partner Up

There have been great strides in the body positive movement, which has moved society and the fashion industry to embrace a more diverse definition of what a body can look like. JunoActive wants to move beyond size and focus on highlighting active bodies of all shapes and sizes. The main goal of the campaign is to inspire and support curvy women to be active and proud, showing the world that active doesn't have a size – share your active life with #ThisIsActive"

Partner Up

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