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Travel My Way
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Traveling is an adventure, a way to escape the ordinary. One way is to travel in someone's footsteps, opening your eyes and heart to others. Also, vacation is a great excuse to try a new activity. So grab your suit and some active wear and share your adventures with us at #ThisIsActive

Travel My Way


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Four Easy, On The Road Fitness Tips

Pack your suitcase with these great ideas on how to stay active while you're gone. Try a new class, live-stream a workout in your room, or build a power walk or hike into your itinerary to see the local terrain!

1. Live-Streaming Workouts

If you want to take a class any time, anywhere, check out Daily Burn. You can stream classes on your phone or computer from any location. They have over 600 different classes from beginner to expert level in 20 different programs. Perfect for someone who wants scheduling flexibility, either on the road or at home!
Partner Up

2. Hotel Gyms

Who doesn't love being able to go to a workout without having to leave the building! Hotel gyms offer a great way to sneak in a workout and are often accessible 24 hours a day. Check out the app Fit Spotting to see photos and ratings on hotel gyms.

3. Airport Fitness

If you find yourself caught in a delay, layover or cancelation, check out AirportGyms.com to see if there's a fitness room or class offered while you wait. You can also power walk from one side of the airport to the other,. You'll be glad you did once you sit down for your flight.

4. Walk The Beach! Ride the Surf!

There may be nothing more enjoyable than walking along a beach. Walking in sand takes 2.1 to 2.7 time more energy, but most people walk even father on a beach than on a treadmill or street, since the sun, surf and vista is there to distract you. You could also grab a board and go! Many hotels rent paddle or surf boards to try and some offer lessons as well.
plus size swimsuit

For over twenty years, JunoActive has supplied plus size women with high performance athletic wear and swimwear. Anne Kelly, the company's president is plus size and started the company after personally experiencing frustration with her inability to find performance gear in her size. "I felt like my clothes were detracting from my workout; they were thick, baggy and not fashionable. Workouts are about feeling good and I wanted clothes that added comfort and style, definitely not the other way around." Fast forward twenty-one years and Kelly is thrilled and humbled by how many women have personally contacted her (her direct email is on the website) to comment on her garments and share stories about their active undertakings. "I get a feeling of partnership and connection that is so wonderful. I want to hear comments about what women like or don't like about our clothing, of course, that's what helps us make a better product. But I really like it when someone shares with me their active pursuits – it's empowering for both of us."

JunoActive's campaign will include a monthly theme that helps women feel inspired to live and share #ThisIsActive. On-topic blog posts, workout gear give-aways and a monthly GWP, limited supply Tee shirt will drive campaign awareness. Notes Kelly, "our Tee shirts will have an inspirational saying front and center – right over the heart – because we really want women to take pride in their active lives, literally, take it to heart."

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