Women’s Plus Size Apparel Grows to Fit a Under-served Market

If you happen to be a woman who wears a size 14 and up you are in the majority of American women. And while you still need to shop more carefully and creatively than women of small sizes, the plus size clothing scene is much-improved. Long gone are the days of half sizes and muumuu’s! The plus departments have emerged as some of the fastest growing parts of department stores and online plus specialist merchants are bringing new fashion to full-figured women in all categories. But this market is still underserved, especially in some key categories, such as active and swimwear. JunoActive by Junonia has filled this need and been a leader in its specialty areas of plus size activewear and casual plus size clothing since its beginning in 1995.

From sophisticated lingerie to swimwear, from high fashion jeans to casual styles, plus size woman have more choice about what they want to wear than ever before. High quality designers are looking at this woman who has the fashion sense, the style and means to buy what she wants. She wants plus size clothing that makes her look, and even more importantly, feel great. This all-important plus size consumer is everywhere, from the red carpet and the stage, to working at the office, to playing with their children at the park.

Creating plus size clothing that is unique to the special needs of the plus size active woman is where JunoActive really shines. JunoActive has always focused just on the plus size market, designing and sourcing for this special consumer. In Sizes 14 – 40W or 1X – 6X, JunoActive understand the variation in women of all sizes. A petite woman in a 4X is very different than a tall woman who wears a 1X. JunoActive designs for flexibility so that every woman looks and feels great. The fit model is a 1X and the other sizes grade up and down from there. This is different than many brands that use a size 4 or 6 fit model and simply grade up. Real women have hips and busts that JunoActive accommodates with its own fitting process and special size specifications.

The plus size clothing and apparel industry has focused recently on less quality to create lower prices. JunoActive has not taken that approach, instead remaining committed to quality fabrics because when a plus size woman loves her clothes, she wants to wear them over and over again. With JunoActive she can have the confidence that her clothes will last, look great, wash beautifully, and make her happy for years! True value is what the smart shopper is looking for, and JunoActive delivers.

JunoActive makes shopping for plus size clothing easy with its accessible and user-friendly website. It also issues mailers featuring apparel collections to inspire the active woman with wonderful colors, plus size models, friendly customer service, and its unique designs not available anywhere else.

Become a JunoActive shopper today!

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