Tips for Buying Plus Size Clothing Online and by Catalog

Buying plus size clothing is not always easy. With a little savvy, persistence and a lot of flexibility, you can put together a wardrobe of wonderful clothing in larger sizes that fits your unique style and your unique clothing needs. JunoActive has been a force in the plus size world since 1995. Offering plus size activewear and casual styles JunoActive was a thought-leader realizing that plus size women are interested in the same lifestyle as the rest of American women. JunoActive’s research showing that plus size women are in the gym, on the walking path, at the tennis club, on the golf course, and in the swimming pool.

One issue in buying plus size clothing is defining the size range. Depending on the store, e-commerce site or catalog, plus size can start at size 12, size 14 or a 1X. Even the 1X has different definitions, from a 14 to a 20 depending on the brand. Every brand uses slightly different criteria for making their plus size clothing, and each brand fits their clothing on a real woman as their fit model, so her unique shape will define the fit of that line. So it’s not a surprise that fit from one manufacturer to another is different!

The key to finding the right fit is the body size chart! Women aren’t fond of measuring themselves, but that is the key to finding a great fit and being able to shop online and by catalog. One very smart customer called us to say how she does it. She measured herself once in all the important ways, height, full bust, chest band, waist, high hip, low hip. Then she took her best fitting knit pant and measured the inseam, then she took her best-fitting denim jeans, and measured the inseam. She measured the lengths of the tops she liked the best, a short one and a long one, from the highest point of the shoulder. She measured the length of the sleeve she liked the best from center back of the shirt. She put all that information on a card she carries in her wallet. So when she is shopping online, she can look up the body measurement chart and know which size will very likely work for her. She was a very happy online shopper with very few returns.

If you have particular fit issues, such as a large upper arm, or a heavier calf, take those measurements as well. You will not often find them on the usual size charts, but call the company and ask. Often, detailed garment measurements are available upon request. It may take them a little time to look up, but eliminating a return will be well worth it.

If you have a partner or good friend, you’ll get the most accurate measurements by having someone else measure you. If you don’t have a long measuring tape, use a string and a straight ruler. Remember, you usually only have to do this once and you are set for a long time!

Since JunoActive started in 1995 plus sizes have moved into the mainstream. Yet putting together that perfect outfit, from active styles, to fashion tops, to designer jeans, to well-proportioned necklaces will require shopping more than one outlet. Where to look? Everywhere! Don’t be shy about checking out both the plus size departments and websites, and also places that do not advertise themselves as plus size. This is especially true if you are a “notch” size from a 12-20. If you find a store that has your style, but not your size, check out their website where they sometimes will carry more sizes.

Be flexible. Many of JunoActive’s customers love to use plus size activewear styles for everything from casual to even professional travel. That tankini swim top has many uses! And that capri legging goes from gym to clubbing in four inch heels!

Look for quality. When a plus size woman finds something that really works for her, she wants it to last. Disposable clothing is heartbreaking when it wears out, not to mention environmentally inefficient. So look for quality in your plus size clothing. Price can be an indicator of quality, but not always. Read the fine print to assess how thick a fabric is. Those very lightweight fabrics are fun, but simply don’t last as long in the wash. Fabric cost is the largest price component in a garment, so if the price is very low, the quality of the fabric is likely low as well.

Buy great basics. Find the styles that work for you and get the best you can. Then layer on fun seasonal pieces and accessories. In plus size activewear style, find the wicking bottoms you love, like JunoActive QuikWik® items, then put on your favorite top, from a sport bra, to a Juno® Stretch Naturals Tee. You’ll be set for anything, from gym to travel.

Buy Color you love. Although black is still the #1 color for bottoms and pants, Junonia sells more than 60% of tops in colors! Women love color, and plus size women do too! Color is inspiring and motivating.

Give away plus size clothing that doesn’t work. When you buy quality and plus size clothing that fits, there is no need to clutter your life with plus size clothing that doesn’t make you feel wonderful. There is a need for plus size clothing and special places that would love to get your donation of ready-to-wear quality clothes. Local women’s shelters are always in need of clothing, especially new underwear and swimwear. They find they are often short of plus sizes so give your local shelter a call today. They often have limited storage space, to staging your donations by season will really help them out.

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