New ActiveLife™ Pants:

Pants for Pears, Apples, Pineapples And All Curvy Women—
Just in Plus Sizes, Just at JunoActive.

JunoActive offers several styles for pear, apple or pineapple shaped women. These styles are created with a new custom-fit system for the plus size woman, and exclusively available at JunoActive.

Based on the Pear /Apple/Pineapple/Classic Hourglass body type system, women in sizes XL-6X will find the pant that best fits their body type. (See body type descriptions below.) Two styles are offered in Petite, and one in Tall.

These collections combine fit with Made-in-the-USA construction and quality. These new pants feature best-ever, smooth matte Cotton fabric with a high 8% stretch spandex. Three styles feature sleek, hidden zipper pockets. These functional pants are designed for a woman’s entire day, from walking, to work, and everything in between.

What is my body type? Pear, Apple, or Pineapple?

JunoActive's ActiveLife™ collection has a pant for every woman. Below are the defining characteristics of each body type and the suggested Active Life™ Pant.

Apple: For the woman who is larger in front, smaller behind and has slimmer legs, the apple fit pant is for her. A soft, rollable, fabric-only waist design allows for a comfy high coverage fit that can also be worn rolled down and is available in PETITE sizes.

Pear: About 70% of women are pear-shaped with fuller hips and thighs, with defined waists. Both of these aspects of a pear shape are considered in the ActiveLife Collection. JunoActive not only designed these bottoms for a pear, but also designed exclusively for a curvy, plus size pear. PETITE is also available in this style and several styles are also available in TALL.

Pineapple: The athletic pineapple shape is about equal top, middle and bottom with a not-too-full leg. In this case we suggest trying the straight leg pant for the not-too-wide leg or the loose tapered pant that's roomy through the hips and waist.