The JunoActive Story

JunoActive™ began in 1995 because founder Anne Kelly was in the gym at the YMCA in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in an aerobics class, having a hard time finding workout clothing, and wondering where all the other larger women in class were finding things. Turns out the choices were very limited, and the technical fabrics were nearly non-existent for the larger sizes. Having just finished a business school program in London, she decided to jump into the apparel business to meet the unmet needs of the active plus size woman.

The name, Junonia®, was chosen to represent this new concept company, as the goddess Juno is always represented in art as a powerful, beautiful, and large woman. The Junonia® seashell is also named for her. In 2012 the company re-branded itself JunoActive™ by Junonia®, a name easier to spell, say, and to tell your friends about!

From the beginning Junonia® has created its own unique designs and fit standards, using a plus size fit model to ensure excellent and comfortable fit. Products have also uniquely addressed the needs of the larger, active woman, with innovation in chafe-reduction, bust support, and heat management. Two popular examples are the dual layer short, and thecross back chlorine resistant tank swimsuit.

JunoActive™ has always created excellent products that have a reputation for top-quality fabrics and long-lasting value. In an era of “disposable” clothing, JunoActive™ has bucked that trend with items that last many years. The company feels this is their strongest contribution to reducing their carbon footprint, because when a product has a long lifecycle, the environmental cost to manufacture is reduced. And it makes for very happy loyal customers.

JunoActive™ has always sold directly to the customer, focusing on the US Market. Although it began as a catalog company, JunoActive™ is now primarily an e-commerce company with occasional mailings to customers. JunoActive™ has a very active email program using that vehicle to keep customers informed of best offers and updates. Sign Up for E-mails at the Top of the website.

JunoActive™ offers one of the largest size ranges in the market, from a size 14 (XL) to a size 40W (6X). This is because JunoActive™ believes that EVERY woman deserves to be active, and in order to be active, you need the clothes to do it in! Check out the comments from customers to see the beauty of this approach.

So whatever you activity is, JunoActive™ has you covered, in styles designed to flatter and to make moving easy and fun. Swim, ski, workout, bike, play tennis, golf, camp, hike, walk or just be comfortable. We have you covered from inner layer underwear and sport bras, to top layer jackets and sweats.

Live life to the fullest with JunoActive™!

Anne Kelly Founder Anne Kelly
Founder of JunoActive™ by Junonia
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