Plus size bike Shorts

More and more these days, women who bike are looking for trails as well as the open road to satisfy the need for a good workout routine. And commuting is trending up! The excitement of nature and getting exercise is exactly what many women like to relieve tension and stress. This aerobic, yet low impact activity contributes to the healthy life of many women. To help enjoy this activity, it requires clothing that looks good and moves with you comfortably. That's where JunoActive can help with plus size biking shorts that look exceptional on you. Whether you are biking, hiking or out for a cool walk in the neighborhood, it's all a part of a vibrant, updated look for a larger size.

If you are like many women who enjoy the outdoor experience of biking, then our plus size biking shorts and tights are a comfortable addition to your next biking excursion. At JunoActive we work to make the lives of active women better by providing a superior line of clothing for women size 14 and up. We often add new styles of tops, bottoms, swimwear and outerwear to our web site, so it is good to check back with us often for new ideas for your next activity or exercise program.
Plus Size Active Bottoms
Plus Size Bike Shorts
$19.95 - $39.95