Fabric Technology

Stretch Naturals fabric

Juno® Stretch Naturals
Our go to fabric for ultimate stretch and support.

QuikWik Fabric SoftWik Fabric

Classic wicking fabric

Ultra soft wicking fabric.

UltraKnit Fabric Junonia Classics Fabric

Heavier cotton fabric.

Junonia Classics™
Fabric for our classic styles.

QuikEnergy Simsuits AquaSport Fabric

Supportive swimwear

Chlorine proof swimwear

AquaChic Swimsuits Aquacurve Fabric

Super supportive swimsuits

Limited edition swimwear

SoftSport Fleece Hush Intimates

Fleece that performs

Junowear® Hush
Italian fabric that is silky smooth

What makes our clothes different? At Juno we're experts in sourcing the latest and greatest in performance fabrics. Pair that with construction techniques that emphasize comfort, fit and quality and you get clothes that last and fit. After all, we think you deserve that best and that’s why we put so thought in creating our garments.

We are on the frontline of the entire production process, from garment design, to fabric selection to tailoring and manufacturing to ensure quality activewear. Unlike other companies, we don’t design a size 6 sample and size it up for our plus sizes, we design exclusively for plus sizes. We pair our amazing fabric finds with US manufacturers who have the machinery and knowledge to create high quality activewear. Sample garments are created and then checked for fit and comfort on actual fit models bodies.

We provide activewear that our customers want and need based on their very own feedback. You want pockets? We’ve got pockets for you. You want seams that don’t rub and chafe? We got those too. You want activewear that takes you from the gym and is stylish enough for streetwear? We’ve got some amazing styles and fabrics for you. Moisture wicking fabrics? We’ve got those also - and they’re attractive in a range of colors that you’ll love.

Check out some of amazing fabrics above and learn why they are so amazing